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Do You Already Have an Amazon Store, or Are You Just Starting? 

Just like many, are you facing the hardships of becoming an Amazon Seller? Despite all your efforts and money spent, are you failing to increase your sales?

If yes, then FBA Copywriter is the solution to all your problems. We can help you on your journey to becoming an international Amazon seller, with thousands of sales every month.

Outsource your Amazon product listing and optimizing services to FBA Copywriter. Let us tackle the hardships for you and put you on the road to success – leveraging our years’ worth of professional experience and persuasive copywriting techniques to create listings that convert.

Using our extensive product research and targeting high-value keywords, we create search engine optimized listings that appeal to the customers and fit right with the Amazon A9 search engine algorithm to display your products on top. Enjoy the cutting-engine techniques to have the upper hand over your competitors.

Providing Compelling Optimized Titles, Persuasive Bullet Points, and Informative SEO Product Descriptions For Your Amazon Store.

Amazon is the largest online marketplace operating at present. There are over 2.5 million active sellers on Amazon at present, but only 25,000 sellers out of them have more than $1 million in sales and 200,000 sellers with more than $100,000 in sales. Wondering what the reason is? It is simple – ineffective product listings!

Many sellers believe that they can create their own product listings using the information that they have. But that is not how the marketplace works. It works on brand identity, SEO optimization, algorithms, and several other technical factors that a seller is unaware of.

Plus, with hundreds and thousands of other sellers selling the same products as you, one needs to enhance their portfolio and listings to compel the customers into buying their products. In short, the process isn’t as simple and quick as it seems. It requires extensive research, the right expertise, time, and effort.

This is where FBA Copywriter comes in to rescue your Amazon Store. Whether you already have a running Amazon store or you are just starting out, we are here to help. Through our years of experience in the content writing and copywriting industry, we understand how customers operate, their needs, and how one can compel them into making the purchase using the right tactics.

We Provide Amazon Optimizing, Listing, and Copywriting Services That Translate to Sales

We provide a diverse range of Amazon copywriting services to our clients, including everything from detailed product descriptions to search tags for their PPC advertising. Here is a list of major elements that our services are composed of;

1- Market & Product Research 

The key to writing a compelling, persuasive, and descriptive product listing is to have all the information needed. Our Amazon product description writers are highly talented with years of experience in the field. Our first step is to gather as much information as possible regarding your brand and the product. You are our primary source. Then come our secondary sources, such as the internet and our in-house listings, which help us better understand your industry, targeted customers, and the actual product.

2- Compelling Title 

Now comes the conversation part – A compelling title! You see, when the customers search for a product on Amazon, they are provided with a list of related products. Our first goal is to come up with a compelling yet accurate title that grabs the attention of the customers and compels them to open the listing.

3- To-the-Point Bullets 

Next in line are the five bullet points. The points’ length doesn’t matter; what matters is the actual information that you add to those bullet points. Here our goal is to understand the demographics, needs, and ticking points of your targeted customers.

Using the information that you provide and our extensive market research, our Amazon product description writers come up with descriptive and persuasive bullet points that convince the customers that the product is best suited for their needs. The best thing is that our diverse writers can write on any product that you wish to sell to your customers. From luxury items to everyday household cleaning supplies, we can help you sell them all!

4- Detailed Product Description

Lastly, there is the product description. Once the customer is around 70% convinced to buy your product, he moves on to the description to find out more about your product. Many sellers ignore this part as they believe it to be irrelevant. But we believe that it can either break the sale or make it.

So using the information you have provided and our market research, our Amazon product description writers come up with a descriptive yet persuasive product description that relates to the needs of the customers. It highlights the product specification, its major features, its uses and benefits, and why buying it is in the customers’ best interest.

We use high-value keywords, call-to-action phrases, and compelling descriptions of the features to compel the buyer into making the purchase. Our goal is to make him believe that your product is the best and exactly what he is looking for. You trust in us, and we make your customers trust in you through impressive product descriptions.


In case you already have a product listing in place but wish to improve it, we can help enhance the quality of the content, proof-read it for you and make the necessary changes in the content to make them more compelling and effective than before.

Developing Enhanced A+ Optimized Amazon Product Listings 

Amazon quality experts ensure that the marketplace only offers enhanced and A+ content pages to the customers, with valuable and accurate information. So the key to maintaining a reputable Amazon store and increasing sales is to post quality listings with an appealing portfolio.

At FBA Copywriter, we ensure that your product listings comply with all the guidelines set in place by Amazon to ensure quality and reliability. With our strategic approach and best practices, we develop engaging content that makes your product and brand appear desirable to the customers.

We are highly professional and have all the required skills and tools to help you create an optimized Amazon product listing. From the high-value keywords to descriptive bullet points and detailed descriptions, every aspect is dealt with the utmost precision to ensure that we send the right message to the customers. Your product is what they need, and they should invest in it right away!

Frequently Asked Question

+ - How Do We Choose The Right Keywords To Include In Your Amazon Listing?
By leveraging our years' worth of experience and expertise in the copywriting industry, we use comprehensive and effective keyword research tools to gather data from different resources such as Google and Amazon to find the high-value keywords that fit right. Plus, with our in-house listings data based on 30,000+ listings, we have all that we need to place targeted keywords in your product listing accurately.
+ - How Can I Order The Listing Service?
Our ordering process is quite simple. Unlike other service providers, we do not ask for samples. We put in all our efforts to deliver original and unique product listings which are truly based on your products. Therefore, when processing your order, you will receive a questionnaire with different categories of questions based on your product. We ask that you provide as much information as possible to create a listing that truly reflects what your product and brand has to offer to the customers.
+ - Why Can't I Write My Own Product Listing?
If it were that simple, then brands wouldn't spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on marketing and copywriting every year. Creating a listing is not only about adding keywords and providing product descriptions. It is about having a conversation with your customers, convincing them to purchase your product. And trust us when we say it is not as easy as it sounds!

With Amazon being the most extensive online marketplace globally, every seller dreams of increasing their market share on the marketplace. You are not the only one selling; there are many others with the same products. So what makes you different?

Your message! And your way of conveying it. Amazon, like Google, is a search engine with its own algorithm called the A9. As a seller, your goal is to attract customers both from Google and Amazon and for that, you need an understanding of how the algorithms and optimization guidelines work. That is where we come in and tackle every web guideline that falls in your way of reaching the top.
+ - Do We Need Access To Your Amazon Account?
No, we do not need access to your Amazon Account to create a listing. Once we have completed your Amazon listing optimization copy, it will be provided to you in a PDF and Text file format. You can simply copy the text file's content to your Amazon Seller Central account to create the actual listing. Plus, the content will also be uploaded to your FBA Copywriter account for you to access as well.
+ - Do I Need A New Package For Every Product Variation?
The answer to the question depends on the type of variations. In most cases, you can enjoy a single package for all. But in case of certain variations where the ASIN is different, you might need to opt for individual packages. For more variation related questions, kindly contact us at Live Chat or Contact Us Form.
+ - How Do I Get The Listing Optimization On Completion?
Once the copy is created, we will email it to you and add it to your FBA Copywriting account in both PDF and Text format. The Amazon listing optimization copy will include an optimized product title, five descriptive bullet points, a detailed and compelling product description, and any back-end search terms. Additionally, we also provide search terms for Amazon PPC advertising as a gift to our clients.
+ - What Is The Average Delivery Time?
Once your order is processed and accepted, your Amazon listing optimization copy will be sent to you within 5-10 business days based on the listing's extensity and nature. In case we require additional information, the delivery time will begin from the day we receive the requested information.

Uploading the content to your Amazon Seller Central account is not part of the service. You will be required to copy and paste the provided content to your account on your own.